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I always debate with myself wether sequins are acceptable to wear to work in a professional way. I think making sure the coverage of the sequin is limited; nothing that goes from top to bottom. I think adding a structured blazer to a sequin top also makes the look go from "Hey, I am ready to party!" to "Let's get this stuff done as quickly and efficiently as... View Full Post
These skirt I am wearing is part of the skirt collection I am designing. It's a mock up on the design that I decided to make in this Ankara print fabric I found at a local African shop. The final design is not in Ankara but I still love how it the Ankara version turned out. I am a sucker for anything with red. The design had so much detail that get lost in t... View Full Post

Hope you are all having a great week. Been so super busy with work and stuff. About the outfit; I think I am awakening my color senses. I had a reader send me an email asking why I haven't been doing bright colors anymore. Well here's some bright colors, gold and teal. I was so happy with myself when I scored these Westward Leaning on the consignment site th... View Full Post
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