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June 29, 2012

Snapped these pictures last weekend when we visited the local Arts Festival. If you read my About me page you’d know about my love for Art. Wore my most comfy/hippy style C&C California maxi dress for the occasion. A hat and a makeup free face are a must for me if i am going to be out in the heat for a while. You don’t want a melting face.

Below are some of the pieces I found interesting. Hope you enjoy them as I did and have a great Friday!

Movie character inspired wall art.

Little white dress. Would make for a perfect dressing room wall art.

….a body con little white dress

Beautiful butterflies

Gotta love Fall

Handbags to make PETA red

I swoon each time I see horses :)

Hmmmm everything and everyone has eyes.

I really wanted to hear this woman’s story but couldn’t catch the artist in time. Her head is tiny. She looks serene.

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  1. I’m always such a sucker for art fairs or museums…just love the amazing things you get to absorb when you’re wandering through art! It’s so stimulating to the mind and heart.

    <3 Cambria