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ASOS Body Conscious Dress Envy

November 8, 2011

The Holidays are almost here and I couldn’t be any more excited! Love the Holiday Season; the decor at the Malls, the Christmas Parties, Shopping and More shopping and because tis the season to be Jolly :). I have already jump started my search for the Holiday Season Parties dress. I am torn between the two dresses below both from ASOS. The price is the same. Which one do you like the best?

ASOS Body-Conscious Midi Dress With Open Back: for $80 .I love this royal navy shimmy dress. It’s perfect for a night out and how about that surprise detail at the back!

ASOS Ponti Pencil Dress with Zip Detail
: for $80. This one is also available in white and navy, which I also favor. I know this one does not shout, “Va va voom, let’s party”!, but I know with the right accessories it can. I just love the color and the fit. Also, some Holiday parties are semi formal.

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  1. Both are great picks however if you want to get a fair cost-per-wear I think the second one you can get every single penny out of as you can incorporate it into your everyday wear.
    I don’t buy new stuff to wear for the holidays and specially not too dressy because it’s just sad to see a year after year the Christmas and new years dresses accumulate in the closet…. never to be worn again :(

  2. I say BOTH!!! The first for a party with friends and second for more appropriate parties such as office, around parents, clients, etc.

  3. Both of these dresses are so beautiful. I think the first one is slighty more different. Great taste! ah, makes me want them also.

  4. I think the first one will be the better party dress. It can be made more conservative with tights and a blazer to cover the back. Or it can be full on glamorous with no cover up and sky high heels.

  5. Oooh I really like both, it really depends on what type of holiday party, as they both seem appropriate for different kinds of parties. I’m definitely leaning towards the first one though!