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April 14, 2013



J-Crew jacket (get it here) (also seen here)
J-Crew necklace (get it here)
Citizen for Humanity jeans (get them here)
Ray Ban sunglasses (get them here)
Fendi bag (get it here)
Kimberly Baker ring (get it here)
J-Crew flats (old)

My go to shoes for casual is almost always flats. Whenever I compare flats to heels I think of George Costanza’s statement, “Why sit when you can stand?” (Love him!). Flats are undeniably more comfortable than high heels and fashion houses have been focusing more on them, making great stylish designs. The problem that I have is; I wear flats more than heels but I have more heels than flats, ha! I usually have 1 pair of flats that I wear repeatedly, running them to the ground. I realize my problem so I am gradually adding more flats to my closet. I am currently watching these stylish Christian Louboutin flats and these white ballet flats. These ASOS ones are also cute, perfect colors for Spring.

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  1. Very lovely post!I especially love the purse! check out my blog for my new post on spring trends and let me know if you would like to follow one another on bloglovin, i like your blog!