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Currently Loving: Handheld Bags

August 12, 2011

Most people don’t consider handbags to be a huge part of an outfit. But they are! Can you imagine the above celebs walking around without their beloved handbags? That would be something, ha. I am currently on the hunt for a new handbag. My last “real” handbag purchase was about 2 years ago when I got the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag.

How do you guys decide the budget for a new bag? I tend have an algorithm for myself that I also share with my friends and family. Here it goes; take how much you spend yearly on shoes and multiply by 5, thats the top/cap of your budget. So, if you spend $100 every year on shoes, then you can budget up to $500 for a bag nothing more. I am going to be getting a lot of shoes this year so I can up by bag budget! :) Counterproductive much?

I tend to favor the handheld totes, which are perfect for work and can fit all my “stuff”. I am particularly looking for a very strong bag which can handle carrying at least my 2 pounds (almost) IPad. I carried my Alexander Wang with the IPad in it a couple of times and noticed that it was starting to come apart at the handles. Beautiful bag,but it’s got really soft weather which is not ideal for carrying heavy items.

Here are some my current favorites:

This Yves Saint Laurent Large East West Bag is just flawless. Love the gold hardware on black. The leather looks soft though, so I don’t know.

Prada Saffiano Lux Medium Tote Bag. The black one is available at Saks

The red Prada Saffiano Lux Medium Tote Bag is not available for sale yet, but has been seen on Miranda Kerr. I prefer the red one over the black.

The Celine Mini Luggage Tote is the one on top of my list, but the fact that it’s sold out everywhere isn’t helping :)

Which of my fav bags are your favs? I am also curious to hear your favorites which are not on my list.

Happy Friday everybody and thank you for reading and sharing your comments!!:)

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  1. As a bag lover I think your equation on coming up with an amount is fantastic! I’ve said many times before that a poor handbag choice will ruin an outfit in ZERO time! It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be well constructed with good materials. I just try not to spend over $1,800 on a bag. Yours truly owns 5 Gucci bags, not one cost me over $1200 :)

  2. Lovely selection of bags-it’s so my style and I share it with you:) My last designer bag I bought last year just after Christmas. Usually I’m waiting for sale, however I couldn’t find anything nice last time so I paid full price. Normally I’m trying to scoop a little bit each month of my salary and keep it on a side. My dream is vintage Chanel but too expensive for me. Now I’m saving for a Chloe shopper bag:) Have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  3. Love the post! My favs are definitely the YSL and Celine. I would die to get a new bag, but hubby says not in the budget :) I love your budgeting :) wouldn’t work for me since I spend so much on shoes a year. Have a great weekend!