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My Powder room revamp and reveal

February 19, 2019
gramercy powder glass washstand
Schlage Custom Hobson Passage & Privacy Door Knob Set with Collins Trim
restoration hardware lugarno tissue holder in chrome
Uttermost Hovan mirror

Arrgg, I wish I had taken full on before pictures of the powder room bath. That is one thing I am not good at, taking before pictures. I get so excited about what’s to come and forget to capture what was. I am going to do better since I now got a phone with lots of memory! I even went back to the listing hoping there would be pictures of it there, but nope! I guess the realtor and the seller felt like this wasn’t a selling point to the house. I found a a listing picture with the same powder room as mine. You can view the before picture here.

When I bought the house, the powder room and all the bathrooms were the spaces that I knew I would change up as soon as I move in. I decided to tackle powder room first since I already had my mood board ready before I moved in and it was going to be the cheaper of all the bathrooms to update. I am not sure the criteria that warrants classification as a renovation or revamp. I am going to say it was a renovation because everything but the floors was changed. I thought long and hard whether I wanted to change the floors? I guess there is an even divide over whether to add tiles to the powder room vs the floor type that flows with the rest of the floor where the room is. In the end I decided to stick with the hardwood floors because how the hows floors was more important to me. I didn’t want any transitions on the floors. Plus searching for the right tiles for the powder room was a whole other project that I knew would require a lot of effort.

Below is my powder room mood board:

powder room renovation moodboard

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten

I knew all the fixtures that I wanted so I started slowly buying them. When I say slowly I mean within a couple of months; 4 months maybe. I would pull the trigger when I notice that one of my items is on sale or on a promotion. I 100% recommend this vs buying all at once on full price. This saved me quite a bit of money.

A few things I learnt as I was getting my fixtures together

1.  Selecting a toilet

Not all toilets are created equal. I had to learn about one piece vs. two piece toilets, elongated vs. round bowls, flushes per gallon, comfort vs. standard height. All these have their pros and cons. I ended up deciding to go with the Kohler one piece. The one pieces are higher in price compared to the two pieces. I still went with one piece because it has a more smoother and sleeker appearance giving the space a modern feel which I was going for. I had to ask myself would a saving of $400 be enough for me to warrant the look of the toilet that I am going to probably never change as long as I live in this house. The answer was nope!

2. Selecting a Faucet

Not all facets are created equal either. There is the single-hole vs. the widespread faucets. The old powder room had the single hole, which was easy to clean but I chose the widespread because I liked it’s design look. The widespread looks luxurious because of the space in-between vs. the single hole where everything is bound together. Price wise the widespread are a little more expensive than the single hole faucets. This is why they are usually builder grade choice.

3. Selecting a Vanity

For the vanity, I had already decided that I was going to go with the Restoration hardware as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I am a sucker fr anything acrylic and the legs on these sold me in. I did consider a shelved vanity but realized that it would crame up the already small space and make it look smaller but what am I going to be storing in there that I can’t put in a basket underneath the standalone vanity. I convinced myself having the space underneath was a step up from the existing pedestal sink that was in the room. There was no room for putting baskets or anything underneath it.

4. Selecting exposed Water Supply kit and p-trap

With the pedestal sink comes along the decision of what types of the exposed water supply pipes and p traps to get. This is the situation that I had going under my existing pedestal sink. Not a good site. Since the toilet faces the sink, this is the view that someone would have while sitting in the toilet. This made me decide to go the Restoration hardware water supply kit and their Universal Contemporary p-trap. Much better look.

5. Selecting lighting 

Moving on to the lighting. This room initially had no sconces nor was it prewired for sconces. I had to find an electrician who cut into the walls, prewired and installed the sconces. This was my deal breaker, I couldn’t go on without sconces. I ended up going with the Robert Abbey Calliope Crystal Wall Sconce. I like how shaded sconces bring some elegance and sophistication to a space. The crystal orb on the stem when an added bonus for me because they match so well with the acrylic vanity. For the ceiling lightning I chose the Coltrane pendant by Hudson valley

6. Selecting a wallpaper

For the wall paper I had many choices and went back and forth between them. Ultimately I decided to go with this one because the pattern is subtle and would not drown the other pieces in the powder room. I also like that the colors were in line with my black and white theme I had going on on the main floor where the powder room is located. The dilemma I had was should the wallpaper person come before or after the vanity installation, I decided the later because I didn’t want the vanity installation to ruin the wallpaper. So the wallpaper was worked around the vanity.

7. Selecting a contractor or installer

Once everything was gathered, it was time for me to shop around for a contractor to install everything. I was in for a shocker, most contractors wouldn’t do labor only work; they want to be able to “buy” the items for you and include it in the quote! Ummm, I wonder why. For those, that were willing to do the labor only, their prices were very high, thousands of dollars basically for installation of the toilet, vanity, faucet and mirror. After I saw a DYI of a similar type vanity, I decided to go with a handyman instead and his price was $300 for half a day’s work. He ended spending a full day and a half. He did an exceptional job. It looks so well done and he paid attention to detail which is one thing I emphasized on before hiring him.

Regrets, mistakes or lessons

So far we are almost one year in and I love everything and nothing has broken..yet. Fingers crossed. Oh……I have one tiny little mistake I made. My choice of faucet. I loved the look of the …I picked and at the time of renovation nothing could have convinced me to go another direction. I picked a faucet that has a lower drop. What this means is that when someone uses the sink especially kids, there is more water splatters than normal. Oh well, this means more clean up jobs for me. As of right now, the cleaning doesn’t really bother me or affect my life but when it does I will probably switch to a higher drop faucet.

One other mistake I made is related to the wall behind the toilet. I had intended this to be shiplapped and painted black (same color as on wall). Things didn’t work out when the painters who were also installing the shiplap informed me they would be painting the shiplap with a brush vs. spray painting (which I wanted). They said they always paint their shiplap with a brush. I didn’t want to take the chance of a non smooth finish so I just asked them to not install the shiplap and just paint the wall. I should have communicated with the painters before the job that I wanted spray painting on the shiplap, I just assumed that that’s how everyone paints it! I like the wall as it is, maybe one day I will do the shiplap. I am currently looking for art for that black wall.

Shop the Entire Powder room items below:

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