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January 30, 2019
Husky D Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit
post christmas organization

There is nothing harder than organizing a storage room. When you are organizing other areas or rooms, you usually take all the unwanted stuff or excess to the storage room. It’s where all the unwanted go to rest or lie. The hard part is, where do you put the excess from the excess room and how do you organize it in a coherent manner? See the before picture here. You can see I had a lot of work cut out for me.

I decided to tackle my storage room as I was putting away my Christmas decor. Here are some tips I can share from my experiences putting away my Christmas decor and organizing my storage room:

1. Exercise patience

Don’t make this a one day project; take your time to put everything away. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took me a week to get everything done. Every night I will select an area to focus on and take down the Christmas decor. It’s important you get everything out of the storage room, start on an empty room then decide along the way which items you will keep, donate or throw away.

2. Shop around for storage unit/s for your space

Find the storage unit that fits your space. For me I decided to go with this Whalen Industrial Rack shelf sold at Costco. I mean it’s heavy heavy duty. I couldn’t move or push the box it was in alone! The reason why I chose this is I wanted something very steady and wont ever sag due to the weight of the item its carrying on the shelves. I also liked the gray color because it would contrast well with the silver walls going on in this room. I couldn’t do anything silver. It’s more expensive online because they have the shipping bundled in and they sell them as a pair. I bought mine at my local Costco warehouse, I had to rent a Home depot truck to haul it. Yes, it was that serious. I now wish I had gotten the two at the store and be done with it all at once, but I wasn’t really sure if I needed both so getting once seemed like a safe bet at the time. I found out after the fact that Home depot sells a very similar shelf, almost identical and its their Husky D Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit.

3. Shop around for storage bins

Once you have selected your shelves; start picking the storage bins that will best fit your items. I went with the Costco bins for the majority and the bigger Container store bins for bigger items. I got the 74 qt. Weathertight Tote Clear ones. I can’t recommend these enough, they are well made and also very pleasing to the eye. They have a 5 out of 5 stars review! My advise is as you find your bins stick with one color or colors that complement each other. The storage room is already a busy looking room and adding different colors will add to the business.

4. Sort your Christmas decor or ornaments

As you are putting away your Christmas decor, color coordinate where possible especially the ornaments. See what I did with mine here. If you are someone who likes changing Christmas decor color themes every year, this will come handy because you will only pull out the boxes that have your color theme of interest instead of ram-aging through a mixed box of different ornaments trying to find the one you want.

5. Separate heavy from light items

If possible, Keep the lighter stuff separate from the heavy stuff to avoid squashing or breakage. If there is no room for separation layer the heavier stuff on the bottom of the bins and the lighter ones on top.

6. Shop around for storage bins

Don’t get sucked into thinking that everything has to be in a container. I let some of my smaller tree items just stand in various corner providing all year round decor. If your storage room is prone to dust you can cover these up with clear plastic covers.

7. Add a plush rug

If possible add a plush rug to the storage room. It gives the normally cold looking room such much needed warmth. I had a rug that I used in my old townhome and was just rolled up waiting to be donated or given away. I just give it a clean and laid it into the room and the room is not as repellent to go in as it was before. The rug made a different for me.

8. Evaluate your new storage solution periodically

Evaluate your storage situation as needed for maintenance and to avoid pilling up of unnecessary items. As I accumulate more stuff for store, I plan on getting another one of the Costco shelf for one side of the wall and add more storage bins.

I hope this helps you get started organizing or inspired to start. Please share any tips that you have on how to get things organized.

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