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Dressed up Shorts: Black and Olive

February 25, 2013


I don’t know what phenomenon this falls under but I tend to cherish more things that I buy on a bargain. My Celine luggage tote I got on full price doesn’t get the same VIP treatment as my Fendi Silvana which I got at Bergdoff Goodman for 65% off, and it was the last one left! I am sure the same is going to go for these new in Lanvin ankle boots I got from the Outnet (to my instagram lovelies; this was what was in the box). They were the last pair left and they also happened to be in my size, talk about destiny. I know they are so last season to some people but they are such a classic pair so to me they are so in season!

It’s getting a little warmer so this would be a perfect time to get those shorts out and wear them over tights with ankle boots or booties. I usually don’t do short shorts at all even in summer but with tights underneath, I can roll with the flow. I also want to try this with cuffed denim shorts before summer comes. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are geared up for the work week ahead.


J-Crew jacket (get it here); J-Crew shorts (get them here)
Oscar de la Renta necklace (great alternative here)
ASOS tank top (get it here), ASOS tights (get them here)
Emporio Armani sunglasses (similar round ones here, on sale!)
Kimberly Baker ring (get it here), J-Crew bangles (old)
Lanvin ankle boots (get them here)

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  1. what a lovely look!! those boots are fab, and very classy, they certainly go beyond any season!!! love the way you belted the jacket too!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I really like how high and narrow the ankle is on these boots. Also, I don’t subscribe to this or that season, in or out, so I’m really glad to see that you just bought what you love regardless of its date of origination :-)