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Random Thoughts into the weekend…

February 22, 2019

Bag: Tara Masim

Going into the weekend, here is is what’s occupying my thoughts:

The case of Jussie Smollett (whatever his name is) — If you watched Cardi B’s instastory this week on Jussie Smollett you’d know the statement, “whatever his name is”. She made me lol. I like Cardi B, I know some people give her some flak for her ramblings and her language of use, but behind all that is the truth she speaks. She does lack decorum but that’s what makes her her. Anyone back to Jussie Smollett; When will celebrities, politicians or people in general learn? Before jumping on the band wagon in judgement, think logically, think for yourselves, question what’s presented. People are just quick to lap up whatever is presented in front of them without a second look or doing further research. It’s the same with “Social Influencers”, people just get influenced so easily and run with it. This culture is affecting us adults, I wonder what it will do to our young kids who are still impressionable.

I recently purchased the Derm Institute youth alchemy eye cream. I had received a sample last year as a gift from Neiman Marcus during one of their Beauty promotions. I really loved and it really kept my eye bags at bay. When I finished the sample, I couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger on the full bottle due to the price. I tried on a different product and that wasn’t very effective so I finally caved and bought the Derm Institute youth alchemy eye cream. The strangest things is there are barely any reviews (rave or bad) on this product and yet it’s so good. Why, I can’t be the only person who finds this product share worthy?

Don’t know if it’s on trend (not that it matters) but am loving anything moss or army green. Bought this Nasim velvet tote by Tara Zadeh on the last day of the Net-a-Porter sale and am loving it!

What is hiking? – A four year old’s perspective. Driving my daughter to school this morning, she said. Mommy can we go hiking after school. I asked her what hiking is to understand her context and her request better. Turns out she meant, wall rock climbing. I promised her we’d do it this weekend then and I shall.

Weekend cleaning – Those who know me know that I am not afraid of getting down and dirty with house chores. It doesn’t bother me as much as seeing an untidy space so I usually get to it. Lately I have been thinking whether I should get an occasional cleaner (Bi-weekly or Monthly). As soon as this thought comes to my head I remind myself why I currently don’t have one. Before moving to the new house, I had a cleaner at my previous home, I also had a live in nanny who helped tidy up so I never had to worry about cleaning. When I moved, my daughter was old enough to start school\daycare and I felt I just couldn’t get myself to have someone clean my new space. I wanted to get to know house, all the corners, perfections and imperfections how to clean it so I could pass on that knowledge to someone else. Well, it also turns out that the other reason is I was traumatized from my last cleaner’s experience. Don’t get me wrong, she was great and everything and she cleaned really good. Really good that all the markings on my stove stop range were cleaned (wiped) away! I don’t know what she used. For a while, I lived with a bold stovetop, guessing whether I was lighting the gas to a 5 or an 8. Anyone I am now warming up to the idea of finding a new cleaner that can start off only cleaning the upstairs flow where all the bathrooms and bedrooms are (which is time consuming to clean). I am sure I can manage the main floor until I see his or her cleaning methods and style.

Happy Friday and Have a good weekend.

Thank you for reading. What are your thoughts going into the weekend.


  • Reply Erene February 24, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    I am enjoying your return. Keep up the great content and i love the home snippets! lovely!

    • Reply Patience February 25, 2019 at 4:43 am

      Thank you Erene! I appreciate the Feedback. Keep it coming.

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