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Steps I took to organize my fridge… and keep it that way

March 25, 2019

The fridge is one of the most frequently used gadget in a household. Count how many times you have to open and close it everyday. Because of it’s high frequency of use, it’s easy for it to get messy and get items all over the place. The first steps to keeping your fridge organized is containment. Compartmentalize items according to their frequency of use. Here are the steps I took to organize my fridge:

1.  Take everything out and clean

When I say everything, I mean everything; all the items that are in the fridge! The shelves, drawers and all the food. Clean inside the fridge, I use warm water with a little dish washing soap. Also clean the fridge shelves and drawers and let them air dry outside in the sun if possible. (they take a long time to air dry inside!) Throw away any expired food items and clean around the edges of food jars. I use just water and a paper towel for this so not to contaminate the rim. I usually do this fridge deep cleaning twice a year in Spring and right before the Holidays.

2.  Shop for a container system

Find a container system to contain all your food items and drinks and stick with the same line for consistency. I love the ones from the container store because they are very durable. I got a few items that the Container store doesn’t carry from Amazon. The main things I got were the fridge bins, I think their depth fits most fridge types. They have the narrow ones and the wide ones and together they fit in the fruit and vegetable fridge drawers. I also use the wide ones to store cheeses, water bottles and any knick knacks.

The next items that are must have are the egg organizers. I have 4 of them since we eat eggs like crazy and take them out of the fridge when empty. Organization is a contain process for maintenance. But it’s good to have them at hand when I re-stock. If you stock a lot of canned drinks get the Soda Can Organizer , I have two and interchange according to what’s stocked in the fridge. Right now I have one in there but as the eggs are used up and their containers taken out, I pop in the extra soda can organizer.

I have to say the game changers for me are these bins from Amazon that are long and narrow and can contain all my yoghurts and this lazy susan from Amazon that I like to keep all the squeezable and most frequented items. I also found these OXO squeeze bottles from Target that I put in Mayonnaise, ketchup and cooking oil in. Not having to grab a knife and dig through the big mayonnaise jar each time I need it is priceless. I recommend these for anyone who wants to simply their lives. They also have caps so your food items wont dry out and they are so low priced! If you like to chill or store your wine in the refrigerator, be sure to grab this wine holder.

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3.  Re-organize after each food haul 

To keep the fridge organized, make a habit of reorganizing after each shopping haul. I usually do the large shopping haul when I know have the physical and mental energy to reorganize the fridge. It doesn’t take a long time as the initial cleanup, maybe 15 minutes. I also try to shop for items that I know I can contain within my fridge space, shopping for more than usually is what usually leads to chaos in my fridge. Hope this post inspires you to start your journey to an organized fridge or just to stay and maintain the organization system you already have.

If you have any tips on fridge organization, please share in the comments below because I am always looking for ideas and and draw my inspiration from others to organize my space.

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