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Trying out the Parisian chic look

February 21, 2019
fendi Double F Logo Crew Socks

When I am putting together a look, I usually start with one main focus piece and build the rest from there. For this look it was this wool beret. I was trying it on after I received it and my four year old daughter said, “Mommy, can you get me a Paris hat like yours, I want it”. I asked her what she meant by “Paris hat” and here reply was, “it’s one of those hats people wear in Paris”. I was utterly impressed by her connection of the beret hat to Paris and at that moment I knew I wanted to try out a Parisian chic look.

I had everything else but the skirt and the box clutch bag which are recent buys from the Net-a-Porter sale. I love how the red accents from the skirt harmonizes with the tie neck blouse. What can be more Parisian than a tie Neck blouse?

Questions is, did I pull off the intended Parisian chic look? You can shop the look below:

Anyhow the real story of this post should be about the Fendi logo socks I am wearing. I bought them a while back from Saks after being on the wait list for them for months. They were a little cheaper than they are currently. If you are a fan of these socks, I hate to disappoint you; they disappointed me! They are so flimsy and delicate. I am always afraid wearing them that they will catch onto something and tear. And also these are one size fits all but they are always dropping down on me, maybe because my lower legs are thin?

For the price I paid I expected better. I should have bought the Fendi Brown ‘Forever Fendi’ Short Socks which are made of cotton and will start a while. I have worn my Fendi crew songs 3 times but they look like they are one wear away from going into the trash! If you are into the logo crew sock look, get the Fendi Brown Short Socks, you will have a peace of mind wearing them.

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  • Reply Cassie February 21, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Loved the look! Might’ve been extra chic with a black trench coat but the look is still lovely!

    • Reply Patience February 21, 2019 at 10:13 pm

      Thanks Cassie. I thought about that, black coat was definitely an option but decided to go with the non obvious camel. I like to have fun and play around with colors and textures.

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