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Lookbook: Blues (Clues?)

September 2, 2011

These two pieces I am wearing, J-Crew Chambray Shirt (men’s) and my bias striped maxi shirt are my two favorite items for this summer. The skirt I usually wear it with crop tops to show off the beautiful stripes as I did here. The shirt also doubles up as a boyfriend shirt and I like wearing it with dark jeans. This time I combined the two together for a nice casual weekend look.

If you browse through my lookbook posts, you’ll notice that most of the time I am wearing sunglasses. I do have eyes and they are ok :), it’s just that they are very sensitive to the sun and I get a headache even if I step outside for a few minutes without sunglasses. Sorry eye people :D. Close up photo of me without sunnies, here.

Happy Friday everyone!

What I am Wearing:

Shirt: J Crew (men’s), Skirt: Willow and Clay, Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Fossil, Cuff: Bronzed by Barse, Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Kimberly Baker (as seen here)

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  1. Nice casual outfit.. the color combination is awesome never thought blue and brown could come out like this. Love your taste keep it..

  2. Beautiful look-like the idea of wearing mens shirt! And I love your skirt :)

    P.S. great that you will be able to shop on line in Zara, I’m doing this often as sometimes there are too many people in stores. In London the have 5 stores on 1 street literally 3 min away! Don’t understand why? I’ve heard a lot about Utah but never had an opportunity to visit, well I’ve never been in America. It’s on my list for next year hols:)Have a wonderful weekend, XXX

  3. Love the use of the men’s shirt and the chambray, just got a chambray shirt myself and didn’t realize how many things it goes with. Great weekend wear Patience!

    Have a fab labor day weekend. Great to take a break from blogging :)

  4. Oooh cute outfit, you pull off full- length skirts so well. Yah I went like last year it was really cool, they put you in a cab which takes you to this weird warehouse thing, still in central london. Then you got out and they served champagne and there was a ‘concierge’ and a semi- circle of doors. You chose one to go through and there were different themed rooms and actors in them. Really cool. No photos allowed though, which pained me.

  5. I am with you on the sunglasses! I have sensitive eyes to the sun as well and often times wear them when I take outdoor photos! You look great in this outfit, I love light blue and navy together!