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Faux Fur Vest

November 1, 2011

I finally got my hands on the Reiss Fur Vest I have been coveting for the longest time. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It’s just perfect! So soft. My 11yr old sister asked me when she saw the vest if it was real fur or faux fur. I told her I am not sure, which is true, but also told her I thought it was faux. So, she’s like, “How much was it?” I told her the price and she screamed in dismay, “It’s real!”. Kids :). I checked Reiss’s website and it says on the description, Fluffy feather. Go figure. Here’s hoping Tino is not reading this.

I got this leaf print dress from Dillards on sale. I really like it, they also have the same dress in Snake print. The belt is a add on. The riding boots are Marc Jacobs from more than 4 years ago. They still look good. To me boots are a long term investment, so spurge on them! How many more styles and variations of boots can they make in 5 years? :)

What I am Wearing:

Dress: Ayn.K, Vest: Reiss, Earrings: Vintage
Bag: Celine, Sunnies: Tom Ford, Necklace: ASOS Africa (similar here)
Bracelet: J-Crew, Boots: Marc Jacobs (Similar here), Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. Patience,
    Please, you beautiful lady dont feel guilty if it is real. You look amazing and your chic and great look is worth more than a million damned furry rodents!! LOL. I bought my wife a mink last year though and she still refuses to wear it in our city. NY, Paris, ski resorts yes but not on our streets. Though she wears it plenty at home. Go girl!

  2. I’m obsessed with riding boots, my husband thinks I’m nuts because I keep buying them, your boots are divine! See…now your conscience is clear that no animals were harmed in the making of your adorable vest :)

  3. First off thanks for stopping by! Second your blog and style is outta control…now following;) Now, let’s get to this outfit…layering at it’s best. You pull off the fur vest well and the comment by lil’ sis was hilarious. I’ve read previous posts and love the relationship you guys share.

  4. Man on man! I’ve been hunting for a nice LONG faux fur vest. This one is gorgeous and it looks amazing paired with that dress…and of course, the boots are to die for!

  5. oh what an amazing outfit! I looove that fur-I saw it here in London but with that weather there is not many ocassions to wear it. And it is expensive:) Anyway I’m a cold person:) and already in my winter coat:)
    Reiss it’s currently own by Gucci-I think since last year or maybe 2 years now. And the whole brand has changed so much-they have a fantastic collection for every season since! It’s one of fav stores of Kate Middelton:) whatever she wears from Reiss, next day it’s all sold out! Very elegant look but has got something edgy and it’s not too serious…and I love that boots!
    Thank you for stopping on my blog and for such a nice comment-I will miss yuo too and will stay in touch:) Love, xxx

  6. Let’s start with the fur – it’s Hot! You’re rocking it so well; real or not. :) The dress is just darling and the colors are perfect for this time of the year. I would like to do a smooth drive by on all of your accessories you are wearing. F-YRE chick indeed!

  7. I am in love with your fur vest! I haven’t seen a long one yet and I just love, love, love yours!!!

    and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog too :)

  8. HI! I’ve just recently started following your blog, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This outfit (esp. the furry vest) is STUNNING! <3 V. nice!

  9. Hi darling! What a fabulous outfit! I love the dress and boots combination very much. I guess, the fur is faux since Reiss is British and real fur isn’t welcomed here. Looks beautiful, though.

  10. It’s hard to tell if that vest is real or not, but I CAN tell you that it looks fab on you!! Love how you paired it with the dress and boots!

    xo, sam

  11. love this! i’ve real and fake fur, but i got such crap from ppl, even if i was wearing the fake stuff, so i quite wearing it altogether.
    ps: I accidentally posted 2 posts today, so scroll down for today’s real post.

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  14. I completely agree about the boots, I wear my boots to death every fall and winter and they have lasted for two years so far. The fur vest looks so warm, too! :)

  15. You look uber glamorous in this outfit lady! I love the vest (faux, feather, real, whatevs), the print of the dress and those boots are a great investment indeed!

  16. I’m also in love with the pattern of your dress. I’m so into fur vests right now too. Just got myself one at H&M. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’d love for us to follow each other. Please stop by my blog when you get a chance and follow me if you like, I’ll gladly follow back!


  17. I was really confused reading deer feather, haha. I looked online at that site and the vest is “turkey feathers” in the color “deer.” That clears up my confusion!