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Lookbook: Going Bold

September 19, 2011

So sad Summer is coming to an end. I have been trying to wear summer brights as much as I can before Fall is in full force. I dug up this pink top I got from ASOS a while back and decided to pair it with the turquoise J-Crew Merino Pencil skirt. My love for pencil skirts runs deep and I am going to be wearing a lot of them this Fall. I wore this outfit to a friend’s dinner and most people thought this ensemble was a dress.

I added a black belt to accentuate my waist line. Next time I am so not wearing this with a belt. You ever tried wearing a belt over a skirt or pants that don’t have belt hoops? Those who have know what the deal is. It’s a pain. So much movement of the belt!

What do you think of this outfit without a belt?

What I am Wearing:

Blouse and Clutch: ASOS, Pencil Skirt: J-Crew Merino, Necklace: Simply Vera Wang
Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Missoni for Target Suede Pumps
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Cuff: Cara Couture

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  1. I see you were able to get your hands on a couple of Missoni for Target goodies ! lucky you !
    I wanted those shoes so bad…

  2. gorgeous! love the pumps! how did you get your hands on them?? I like that they give a touch of the zig zag pattern. Chic look!!

  3. I’ve been traveling but of course my first stop was to check you out and I really love this outfit. Not only do I love the colors but everything else in accessories to shoes are perfect. And so jealous you go the Missoni pumps! Looking great Patience. By the way, the trench is amazing!!! So jealous of your recent purchases.

  4. Wow gorgeous outfit much. Although i’m already sick of the colour blocking trend (and it’s not even summer yet here in Australia), this outfit is absolutely doing the trend justice. I think it’s the simplicity of it, and the clean cut lines. Really nice!

    Oh and thanks for the comment :)



  5. If you wore a thicker belt, 1.5″ thicker it’ll stay in place. Thin belts have a tendency to shift if there aren’t belt looks. That skirt is gorgeous, I don’t think I have anything in that colour as well as the blouse! Very nicely put together :D

  6. Beautiful….Love the color combo. I also love those Missoni heels. I didnt check out the collection, but now you have me wanting to stop by the Target’s shoe section!


  7. This outfit is so pretty on You. The colour combination is brilliant. Reminds one of West Indian flowers. I think it looks good with the belt. Gives it a nice touch. Your jewellery is lovely, too;-)