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Lookbook: Horses on Stripes

October 25, 2011

Horse Print blouse

So, I finally decided to jump onto the horse print trend and ride with it. I have been resisting the trend until I saw this Forever 21 top on one of my favorite bloggers, the always fabulous Jen at redsolesandredwine. The price was just so right to lure me in. Actually, this is a jacket that I turned into a top using pins. You like?

I am in the last stages of preparing for my exam which is next week! Can’t wait to get done so I can finish decorating my place and live life :)

Striped skirt
Striped skirt and black pumps

What I am Wearing:

Stripe Skirt: River Island, Jacket: Forever 21 Similar, Earrings: J-Crew
Bag: Celine, Sunnies: Emporio Armani, Necklace: J-Crew, Ring: Kenneth Lane,
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs Bow Bracelet, Shoes: Banana Republic (Seen here)

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  1. What a fun new way of using animal print! I’ve been seeing horses around the blogosphere as well and been loving the way it looks. The pairing with stripes is strikingly beautiful!

  2. I love that horse print top:) I think this trend is everywhere now! I bought 2 print horse scarfs and can’t stop wearing them:)
    Great look and I can see that the weather is so beautiful in your town!
    Have a lovely weekend:) xxx
    Love, Wiola

  3. Hello,

    thank you for stopping by my blog. I think the “unlikliness” of that musical collaboration is why it works. :)

    i tend to stay away from animal print anything, but this new trend isn’t completely horrible. you did an awesome job of pulling it off in this outfit :)

  4. OMGosh Patience I am so glad that you commented on my blog so that I could see yours. Your style is sensational girl! I love how you turned this horse print jacket into a top and the pretty pink bubble skirt in the older post is darling. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! You have a lovely style here!

  5. You look absolutely stunning! Was just sitting here thinking if you ever lounge around the house in pj’s or an old tracksuit!! From this blog I cant picture it!!

  6. Love it! Isn’t it the best top? Thanks for the mention and glad you found it. They were sold out last time I was there.