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Lookbook: Moss Green and Sparkles

November 13, 2011

I could blend or camouflage into the woods with these colors I am wearing. Only the sparkles will sell me out:). I bought this sequin top last year from J-Crew and it was part of my last year’s Christmas Day outfit. I’ve been wearing it pretty much everywhere even to work, yes, there is nothing wrong with a little sparkle in the office. I added the elastic belt to add definition to my waist and provide some transition between the skirt and top.

As for pairing tights with open toe sandals, the jury is still out on this one but I love it and I will own it. I am wearing a coral lipstick for the first time. I’ve always favored red and pink. What do you think of this color on me?

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What I am Wearing:

Skirt: Ann Taylor Top: J-Crew, Earrings: J-Crew, Shoes: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Cape: Stella McCartney, Bracelet: J-Crew, Bag: Celine
Nail Polish: Chanel “Satin Blue”

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  1. WOW this out fit is LOVE! And those shoes are to die for! A long time ago I wouldn’t be on board with the whole tights and open toe shoe look but it’s really grown on me, and you wear it very well! Such a chic outfit overall! xoxo TY

  2. i am so happy you commented on my blog, because i was able to find yours :) you’re gorgeous and i love your style! instant follow my love! hope to hear from you again

    x, jamie

  3. one of the most gorgeous celine bags i have ever seen because of that stunning petrol color! petrol is like one of the most perfect colors ever! gorgeous combination of print and textures, completely in love with that top

  4. that lipstick is amazing on you, I think us women of color can pull off almost any lipstick color… You are inspiring me to take more risks at the office (ie the sparkly top), it looks so chic.
    as far as the tight/socks with open shoes combo, I think if the shoe is a peep toe, it is okay and actually looks good.. however if the shoe is a sandal (like the one you are wearing in this post),it is an absolute no no imho. it just makes it look like you are “reaching” if you know what I mean. Overall great outfit, the colors are very well coordinated.

  5. Patience, you always look smoking. I love the bag and cape – they’re such classic and beautiful pieces. I just knew the top was J Crew and the skirt was Ann Taylor. A great combo of colors and patterns.

  6. Love this entire outfit. You put it together so well and effortlessly it seems. The sequin and skirt play off each other so nice. You look great :)

  7. Oh it’s just not fair you have that Celine bag. I am desperate to get my hands on one but husband cuts me off at every pass:) Glad to have discovered your site-