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Lookbook: Something Blue

July 28, 2011

I think if you have been reading this blog long enough you’d know that blue is one of my favorite colors. I even had a baby blue car back in the day! :) So glad that the color is getting the recognition it deserves this season, so most designers are making beautiful pieces in it. This cobalt blue skirt is from ASOS. I know I always references a lot of items I wear or like to ASOS. Trust me, they are not my sponsor or anything, it’s just that I love their extensive collections, their prices and can always trust that if I order something from there it will be great.

I want to also give a special shout out to everyone who has been reading the blog and/or providing feedback. It’s always a good feeling to know that there is someone out there who is interested in what you are doing. Thank you! <3

Photos by DM Photography
Skirt: ASOS, Clutch: ASOS, Shoes: Rosegold Miles Pump,
Shirt: Loft
Eyewear: Tom Ford Aviators as seen here.

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  1. Hellow JustPatience….i happened to be going through your blog and i must say I LOVE what you are doing..As a young designer back here in Tanzania,East Africa,who appreciate fashion and design,truly i am so moved by how you can put together all these beautiful pieces and i would want to someday see you in my designs as well..
    Much love
    Doreen Manka
    Manka D’s Collection/Waathang Trends

  2. Wow, I absolutely love that look! Blue and yellow are one of my favorite combinations, and I love color blocking!! my recent post i’m wearing white blue and yellow..haha ! ANYWAYS..your blog is adorable, and you are so pretty! I love your hair. actually.

    Hope you can check out mine and if you like..maybe follow??!

    xo Hannah

  3. Love the skirt! You’ll have to let me know if ASOS runs big or small, just did my first order and I’m not sure if I ordered the right size.

    Thanks for the tip on my blog about the vest!

    1. You’re welcome! I thunk their sizes are pretty much right on. For blouses are do order a size down than my normal dress size though. Hope this helps.