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The Blues: Denim on Denim

January 25, 2012

Feeling a little under the weather from a flu/cold bug. Sitting for 7hours for my hair braiding didn’t help :(. Hope you are all having a great and fruitful week.Thank you for reading.

What I am Wearing:

Jeans:Rock & Republic, Shirt:J-Crew, Headband:ASOS
Shoes:Zara, Clutch:Zara, Watch:Michael Kors
Sunglasses:Prada Baroque, Necklace:Erica Lyons
Lipstick:Estee Lauder “Pure Color”

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  1. Great Outfit!! You look fabulous…I too am under the weather can’t wait until springtime..What nail polish color are you wearing?

  2. awww, hope you feel better soon – and funny thing is that I was going to wear all blue and call it “the blues” – I too was feeling a little under the weather – but I did the opposite by putitng on something brihgt to cheer me up – and it worked! yayyy – I love those shoes hun! and great pics!!