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My Necessity

July 19, 2011

Do you have a non essential thing you cannot live without? Something you can’t improvise on. I found out I do! Last night I found my toothpicks box empty and realized I was out, this didn’t faze me much, I assumed that I will find at least 1 toothpick in my purse. I looked in all my purses and there was nada. What are the odds of that happening? I went crazy and so did my teeth!

See, these are not just any kind of toothpicks, they double as dental floss. Having braces, food gets caught up between my teeth more and I rely on these toothpicks to clean the food up before I brush. As far as I know they are only sold in Walgreens stores and the nearest one to my house is about 10 miles away. Guess what I did late at night, I got into my car in my PJs and drove to the 24 hr Walgreens to get my fix brushpicks!

I can’t live without The Doctor’s brush picks interdental toothpicks. How I can explain or describe them to anyone is, I questioned the existence of the wooden toothpicks and dental floss after I found these. They can fit in between teeth easily and can bend at any angle. I highly recommend the Doctors Brush Picks to anyone who feels that flossing is too much work to deal with. Read the reviews here.

My empty pack :(

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