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Orange Punch: New Heels

February 3, 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but I for one have already stopped shopping for Winter and started Spring shopping. I couldn’t resist these springy Zara heels, so much so that I wanted to get another pair in all black. Can’t wait for the weather to be a little warm so I can rock these.

As for Zara shoe sizing, I had problems in the beginning ordering the right shoe size. In my opinion, they run a little small. I usually wear size 9.5 but for Zara, size 10 is a perfect fit. Just checked Zara and these heels have sold out. You can still stalk them here in case they restock. I also love these similar Diane von Furstenberg Elan Runway Sandals. Love the strip on neon on these.

Wishing you all a great weekend. TGIF!

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  1. wow you got these shoes, i remember seeing them with a friend and she wanted to get them but they were unavailable in her size, well great buy!

  2. patience, i absolutely love these heels!! i want to get them so badly, but zara doesn’t have my size. you made a beautiful choice, and i cannot wait to see how you style them. you’re a lovely stylist… and i love everything you do with clothes. :)

    have a nice wknd!


  3. I’m very much into spring fashion and shopping, too. Winter never inspires me quite as much as spring and summer do.
    Gorgeous shoes! Looking forward to seeing them as a part of a beautiful outfit. x

  4. i always get nervous about ordering shoes over the internet because they are something you can’t compromise on with sizing, but at least once you order a few times from one company you know what you are in their sizing. :)