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How to be best dressed wedding guest

June 01, 2016
Go bold and bright. Plan out your outfit, decide whether you are going to go bold on the clothing or on accessories. You can't do both. You want an outfit that doesn't blend with everyone else or that is not associated with the bridesmaids colors. Normally bridesmaids dresses are in subdued color. ONE: Wear a bright colored outfit SHOP WEDDING GUEST... VIEW FULL POST

Skinny Jeans and Bodysuit

May 31, 2016
I was never a jeans kind of girl but I am slowly warming up to them. I think of the reasons why I was never into jeans is that I just couldn't find the type of jeans that fit my body right. I have always wondered how women built like Kim Kardashian can fit into any pair of jeans. The answer is high rise jeans. I am sure Kim... VIEW FULL POST

Mixing Prints:Stripes and Florals

May 23, 2016
Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Us here on the East coast have just been plagued by rainy and downcast weather for the past three weeks. Cannot wait for the weather to be nice. About the outfit I am wearing; I am a prints girl and there is nothing I love more than mixing them. I wearing a MSGM floral print skirt with... VIEW FULL POST