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Real or Fake

June 27, 2011

Settle down people, it’s only a flower post! I am a big flower lover (they make me happy :)) and I think I don’t get to receive them as much as I’d like *hint hint*. So, what’s a girl gotta do? Go out and buy them, for HERSELF! I like having fresh flowers in the house for the weekend, when I am actually at home. I do also appreciate real looking silk flowers, the kind you look at and Love and then Touch just to make sure they are not real.ha

Here is a picture of flowers in my house this weekend. I will let you figure out whether they are real or not.

It doesn’t matter real or fake as long as you love it!

Another pretty flower pic to dampen your Monday blues. Peonies, my favorite.

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  1. I love flowers people i tend to pick every beautiful flower i come across and so my living room looks like a flower garden.My daughters will come and ask for some to reduce the count,but i tell them to back off -lol.I like fresh flowers for special occassions but for the fake ones anytime is teatime.