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Skinny jeans & Sweater

March 15, 2012

Skinny jeans and Sweater
Givenchy peep toe booties

Skinny jeans and sweater

Jeans:Forever 21, Shirt:Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s, Sweater:Gap
Shoes:Givenchy, Watch:Michael Kors, Necklace:J-Crew
Sunglasses:D&G, Bag:Celine

What kind of Fashion blogger would I be if I don’t do a photo shoot by the railroad? Ha!:) We actually had an audience of one if you look closely in the background. Here’s hoping they were not waiting for the train, you know, considering there is no train station.

I will be in Chicago this weekend for a work related seminar. I hope to squeeze in some time for shopping! Not too much though because I enjoy the tax free benefit of shopping online for stores not in my city.

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  20. This outfit is beautiful. I love the way you paired the shirt and sweater, especially in the first photo where you “cropped” the sweater.

    Hope you have fun in Chi-town!

  21. I love this outfit! wonderful and simple, how you combined these two basic pieces to a great look!
    and the photos on the rails look wonderful!

    xxx Anita