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Spotlight: Fallon Wrap Chokers

March 11, 2016
I am shinning a spotlight on the Fallon wrap chokers. We all know that chokers are the trend to wear right now but none is doing it like Fallon. They have been a celeb favorite for a bit. I think their brand equity was elevated when Kim Kardashian posted one of the Fallon chokers on her Kim Kardashian Valentines gift guide on her Kim Kardashian website. That particular choker she listed was sold out in a matter minutes after she posted and is as of right now still sold out. The styles are selling out pretty quickly. I think their appeal is due to the fact that they are a perfect mix of glam and edge. The sparkles give the chokers some high glam such that you can wear it on a night out and the leather ties adds to it a nice dose of edge so it’s not too oohh ohhh looks at my shiny jewels that are resting on my neck. If you want to go all glam they do sell some chokers with just jewels only and vice versa for the all edge ones with just the leather ties. I like how this model layered her choker with a pendant here. Beautiful, it’s a white leather version which I also love. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. I realize they are not inexpensive but nevertheless, I was hoping to see one on you. Any chance of that in the near future?