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Tech Talk: Laptops

June 30, 2011

I am on the hunt for a new laptop! Thanks to this blogging thing. I walked away from laptops when I got an iPad and never thought I would turn back. Sorry iPad you have no USB port for me to load my pictures, with you I cant click and drag, so I have to switch it up. You have been my best friend though for as long as I’ve had you and I hope that won’t change. Also dumped my iPhone for you for a flip phone. That should count.

My mom with her beautiful and generous heart, knowing that I needed a laptop offered me hers. Hmmm I kindly declined (sorry mama), it was too big and heavy! Thats it, too big and heavy I am that shallow ha. After getting used to the iPad, these are questions I will be asking to my future new iPad look alike laptop:

1. Are you Portable?
2. Do you get hot seating on my lap?
3. Are you pretty to look at?
4. Are you fast enough to do what I ask you to do?
5. Are you going to be friendly?

Here are some potential contenders that can pass at least 3 of the 5 questions above.

I will let the tech experts help me decide which of these would suit my needs best. Which laptop do you currently have and would you recommend it?

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  2. I personally don’t know much about computers and I am planning to get one for school soon. I am glad this might help me choose the best i need:)

  3. Well laptops are great!Initially when i got mine i thought bigger was better as long as i was able to use it for my online classes.But, now we have new and improved models to choose from depending on what you need it for.For me right now with my arthritis getting the better of me i would wish to have just a ligher one.By the way does the market have bigger but lighter ones?