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Walk in Closet

June 20, 2011

Every girl wants a walk in closet, right? I am one of those girls who doesn’t have one, and it’s not because I didn’t want it or couldn’t get it, we just fell in love with a place that didn’t have one. There are tons of other amazing things in our house that made up of this and I couldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some fabulous, well organized reach in closets that make you go, what walk in?:

Walk in Closet

Organized Closet

This article from House Beautiful has great tips on how to organize your closet. I, for one will be doing just that soon. Happy Closet organizing!

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  1. If ever i can afford to change my setup at this time i would want a closet such as one of these in which i can accomodate all my junk.Can you suggest where i can get one?