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January 2013


The CRAVE: Jenni Kayne Flats

January 31, 2013

Jenni Kayne flats, here I’ve worn out my favorite everyday work flats so I am looking for a nice good pair of flat shoes. I usually wear flat shoes driving to work and change to my high heeled shoes once I get inside. I don’t like ruining my good shoes from peebles on my car mat or from just walking in the paved parking lot. Sometimes I switch back and forth between flats and high heels throughout the day at…

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Blue Crush

January 28, 2013

Hi guys! It’s been a little while. Thank you for your patience while I was busy with my exam, I am happy to announce that my hiatus was worthwhile, I passed! It was my last exam to qualify as a Fellow Actuary. No more exams for me, it’s a good feeling. One of my 2013 resolutions is to be more open to new things. I am so looking forward to what this year has in store. ::: OUTFIT DETAILS :::…

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